About Us

Our Mission

SURAAJ attempts to generate an awareness about Human Rights, Constitution and laws within that section of society that really needs it.To achieve such goals SURAAJ organises legal literacy campaign from time to time at different places. Under such campaigns women and the other socially backward classes are made aware of constitutional rights so that they may become aware about their rights and duties.

SURAAJ strongly believes in interdependence of Health and Hygiene. It organizes the hygiene awareness programmes in school, Slum clusters, unauthorized colonies, rural areas and other educational institutions. SURAAJ also organises the Health Awareness and Health check-up camp and it also facilitate free distribution of generic medicines in different parts of the Country. It organizes the Blood donation and Eyes donations camps etc.

Empowerment of Youth, Women and other marginalized section of society will be main goal, which could be possible through making these sections economically self reliant. Skill Development is the way through which SURAAJ will strengthen these sections of the society. SURAAJ will continue such programs of social significance in future and press for a development which is based upon Indian values, traditions and moral values. Environmental conservation, women empowerment, education, teaching and spread of Indian moral values national integrity and comprehensive development of India are plans of future which will act as guiding force. SURAAJ will ensure that a development initiative takes place that is based upon social values which has a focus of Indian thought and environmental conservation. We believe that only through women empowerment, rise of the marginalized, and by true decentralisation of power and administration Mahatma Gandhi's Ram Rajya be established. SURAAJ expects all round cooperation and participation of every individual which definitely bring peace and tranquility in the entire world.


SURAAJ has been trying to raise those aspects which governmental organisations have not been able to address. In order to set its objectives SURAAJ has focused upon the Gandhian concept of Gram Swaraj and Ram Rajya. The hypothesis of development has raised the concept of global village to great height and expectation, SURAAJ is committed to materialise this ideological phenomenon within a nationalistic approach.

At present SURAAJ is in role of a platform where the best persons from different areas of social lives would gather and work to find out a constructive solution to immediate problems which may help in the betterment of human lives. There is need to find out the alternatives that provide a strong base to humanistic predilection which SURAAJ constantly strives for.


Research findings can only be used as an input to national development policies if researchers and policy-makers cooperate closely to understand specific needs, ensure relevance of topics, and improve communication, dissemination and implementation of the research recommendations. SURAAJ through its Research Centre, The CENTRE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT aims to contribute to this process by providing room for discussion to researchers and policy-makers, and generate ideas and recommendations around the relevant question so that gap between research and policy making could be bridged.

A major objective of The CENTRE FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT is to translate evidence-based research for policy makers, practitioners, and others working in the field. Although no social science research is perfect, quality research can help policy makers and practitioners better understand what works best for society, and allocate finite resources to meet their needs. Key to the success of these and future initiatives is working with policy makers and practitioners to better understand the problems they are trying to solve, their social networks, and the ways by which they acquire, interpret, and use research. The next step is then to effectively translate unbiased research that addresses their questions into information that they can use.

The Centre will also try to look into some of the important issues like; policy makers’ needs and expectations with regard to research, mechanism to meet policy makers needs and their expectations and mechanism to improve interaction between policy makers and researchers so that research based policy making is encouraged which in turn will bridge the gap. It is important because often policy makers are not aware about the ongoing research in the respective fields. The centre will provide an appropriate platform where dialogue between researcher and policy makers will be made possible which in turn will help in effective policy making.