SURAAJ is currently engaged in activities such as creating awareness about Civil Duties and Fundamental Rights which is necessary to bridge the gap between rich and poor. The other major issue that SURAAJ is targeting is about the legal and Health facilities. Three major factors which SURAAJ has highlighted for India’s backwardness in comparison to the other nation are basic fundamental rights, per-capita income and health facilities. Provision for hygiene and health facilities, literacy, skill development, legal aid and policy research are the top priorities of the organization.

SURAAJ strongly believes in interdependence of Health and Hygiene. It organizes the hygiene awareness programmes in school, Slum clusters, unauthorized colonies, rural areas and other educational institutions. SURAAJ also organises the Health Awareness and Health check-up camp and it also facilitate free distribution of generic medicines in different parts of the Country. It organizes the Blood donation and Eyes donations camps etc. Another important issue is related with women empowerment. Bitter truth is that in the modern India, the woman has been neglected and discriminated at large. The organization strives to make the society equal for women through its various endeavors and creating awareness to provide women, a safe space for work, support independence and mobility, women education, and providing then health and legal facilities. To make people aware we started the campaign right from the school. Intra-School and Inter School Competitions on the occasion of Swamiji Vivekananda’s 150th birth anniversary was organized in different Schools in Delhi.