Moral Values and Education:

In the field of education SURAAJ is trying to enlighten those areas where there is dire need for such steps. In this respect SURAAJ is organizing centres at different places where education is free. On the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, the SURAAJ in various schools of Delhi has organized programmes and competitions related with personality development. These programmes not only enlightened the students about the personality and ideas of Swamiji but also screened for students short feature film on Swamiji’s life. General knowledge test, essay competition and poster making competition based on Swamiji’s life were held in different schools and the prizes were also distributed to the deserving ones. The successful students at school level also participated in regional level inter-school competition and the winners were awarded.

Environmental Conservation and the Ganges: The Lifeline

World today is facing the challenges posed by Global warming. Pollution is posing serious challenges in front of human life at every stage. SURAAJ is constantly striving to make people aware about forest conservation, pollution control and the crisis which is arising due to global warming. In this respect SURAAJ is trying to make the Ganges pollution free. The Ganges is most important and holiest river in the country, but on the contrary after series of measures taken by the governmental agencies the pollution level in the river is increasing day by day. SURAAJ is taking initiatives to make people aware about increasing pollution in the Ganges, dangers of environment and conservation of plains of river Ganges. Through its SAVE GANGA CAMPAIGN, SURRAJ has organized various programmes in the cities like Kanpur, Allahabad, Balia, Buxar, Patna, Bhagalpur, etc. to make the river free of the pollutants. In Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh our save Ganga Campaigning is in full swing.

Education and Skill Development Programmes:

SURAAJ is actively associated in the field of education and skill development. For the purpose of providing assistance and reaching to the under privileged section of the society it has been running a number of free coaching classes and skill development Centers in the different Parts of the country.

Health Check-up Camps:

SURAAJ has been continuously organizing free health check-up camps and is distributing free generic medicines in those camps. It also organizes health awareness campaigning to fight deadly dieses like AIDS, Cancer, T.B., Swine Flu and other common dieses etc. We also organize eye donations camps. We continuously striving to bring awareness in the school children and to achieve the same has been organizing health camps in different schools.

SURAAJ’s UP chapter is actively creating awareness about the social issues in districts like Balia and other districts of eastern UP.